Forcing the daily Cron

IMPORTANT! In order to be able to force the daily Cron, the PHP directive 'register_argc_argv' must be set to On.


If you want to force the WHMCS daily Cron to run to download TLDs and/or update eNom wholesale and local pricing, you can do so by appending --force to the existing Cron command.

This will force the daily Cron to run and perform all tasks as if they had not been run.

If you want to force the daily Cron to run and prevent it from running all scheduled tasks, you can use the following command:

php -q /home/[accountname]/[path_to_crons]/crons/cron.php --email-report=1 skip --CurrencyUpdateExchangeRates --CurrencyUpdateProductPricing --CreateInvoices --AddLateFees --ProcessCreditCardPayments --InvoiceReminders --DomainRenewalNotices --CancellationRequests --AutoSuspensions --AutoTerminations --FixedTermTerminations --CloseInactiveTickets --AffiliateCommissions --AffiliateReports --EmailMarketer --CreditCardExpiryNotices --UpdateServerUsage --OverageBilling --AutoClientStatusSync --UpdateDomainExpiryStatus --TicketEscalations --CheckForWhmcsUpdate --DatabaseBackup --force

[accountname] is your account name for your WHMCS hosting and [path_to_crons] is the path if you have moved the folder 'crons' above the doc root for security.

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