Reissue the License

The license facilitates one installation of the module on any server of your choice.

If you want to change where the module is installed, either by moving it to a different server or by changing the URL or IP of the server, and have the module's operation continue uninterrupted, then it is neccessary to reissue the license before making the changes.

Reissuing the license can be done from within your client area.

From the main menu go to Services->My Licenses. Click on 'Domain Pricing Manager (eNom) Addon Module' in the list of services then, in the left sidebar under actions, click Reissue License.

This will reissue your license and the details of the new installation will be captured on first use.

You can verify the status of your license by visiting, entering the domain name where you have the module installed in the indicated field and clicking the 'Check' button. The result will be displayed in 'Search Results' just below the field mentioned above.

  • Reissue License
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