Initial Setup

License key (Field): Enter the license key for your module. You will have received this in one of the emails when you purchased your product. If you are unable to locate this key in your records, you can find it by logging into your client area at and then clicking on the menu item 'Services' and then on 'My Services' in the dropdown menu.

License email (Field): Enter the email address to which you want to receive any communications regarding the license for this module. Should there be a problem with your license for any reason, it is this address that will receive the notification emails.

License debug (Checkbox): Checking this checkbox will display licensing information at the top of the module pages.

eNom username (Field): Enter the username for your eNom account. This is required when contacting eNom via the API to obtain TLD and pricing data.

eNom password (Field): Enter the password for your eNom account. This is required when contacting eNom via the API to obtain TLD and pricing data.

eNom pricing auto update (Checkbox): Check this checkbox to cause the module to get eNom wholesale pricing when the WHMCS daily CRON runs.

Domain pricing auto update (Checkbox): Check this checkbox if you want to module to automatically update your domain pricing, based on the latest eNom wholesale pricing, when the WHMCS daily CRON runs.

Update existing (Checkbox): Check this checbox if you want the module to update domain renewal pricing for existing clients. This action requires that the 'Domain pricing auto update checkbox is checked.

Update only eNom domains (Checkbox): Check this checkbox to limit auto update functions to only those domains with Auto Registration set to eNom.

Exclude from auto update (Field): Here you can enter a comma separated list of any TLDs you want to exclude from the automated pricing update functions.

Auto update only these (Field): Here you can enter a comma separated list of TLDs to which you wish to limit the auto pricing update functions. If there are entries in this field then only those TLDs will be updated and no others.

Profit margin (Field): Enter the profit margin (percentage markup) you want to apply to the price calculation. This is performed prior to any price rounding and/or price fraction adjustment.

Price fraction (Field): Enter the value you want to set as the price fraction, the part of the price after the decimal point, to be applied to the pricing after all other calculations.

Minimum price (Field): Here, if required, you can enter the minimum price any domain will be priced at. This minimum price will override any automatic price calculation falling below this value.

Multi-year discounts (Field): If you wish to offer discounts on multi-year registrations and/or renewals, you can set these here as comma separated pairs. The format for the pairs is the number of years and the discount percentage value separated by a colon ':' e.g. 2:3.5,3:5,4:5,5:7,6:7,7:7,8:10,9:10,10:15 etc. Any years where you do not want to offer a discount can simply be left out, it is not necessary to specify a zero discount.

eNom Low Balance Limit (Field): Entering a value here will cause the colour of the available balance amount and label in the 'eNom Account Balance' widget on the WHMCS home page to change from green to red if the available balance in your eNom account drops to or below this value. You can refill your eNom account balance directly via the 'eNom Account Balance' widget on the WHMCS home page without leaving WHMCS.

Default rows per page (Dropdown): These dropdowns allow you to set your preferred number of rows per page defaults for the 'View All Pricing', 'View Existing Client Pricing', 'View Promo Pricing' and 'View eNom Pricing' pages. The name of the page affected is indicated to the right of the dropdown.

Enable debug mode (Checkbox): Checking this checkbox enables the module to output debugging reports to the WHMCS Module Log. In order to see the reports it is also necessary to turn on debug logging in the WHMCS Module Log. This is achieved by going to Utilities->Logs->Module Log and clicking the 'Enable Debug Logging' button. Once debugging is complete, please remember to click the 'Disable Debug Logging' button in Utilities->Logs->Module Log and uncheck this checkbox.

  • Initial Setup, Configuration
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