Adding TLDs To You Pricing and Setting/Updating Domain Addons and Autoreg Settings

The list of TLDs on the eNom TLDs tab are all that have already been downloaded.

The TLDs already included in your pricing are those with a check in the checkbox in the column 'Included' to the left of the TLD.

The domain addons and autoreg settings are also displayed for these TLDs.

To include other TLDs in your pricing, check the checkbox adjacent to those you want to include. If you want to include them all, check the checkbox above the 'Included' column.

This is the same for the domain addons.

The autoreg setting at the top of the column will set the autoreg for the selected TLDs, so you can check all the boxes then select the autoreg registrar.

Once you have selected the TLDs to be added to your pricing and set/updated the domain addons and autoreg settings, click the 'Update TLDs Offered' button.

The domain addons and autoreg settings will be made immediately, the TLDs will be added to pricing next time the WHMCS daily CRON runs.

  • Add TLDs to Pricing, Domain Addons, Autoreg
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